Pancetta, Ciccioli, Strolghino: Treasures of the Pork

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Cured meat, pancetta is the Italian bacon with an agreeable scent, and is sweet and savoury to taste.Ideal for scrambled eggs at breakfast, to cook red and white meat, for pasta sauces such as the famous carbonara. It is delicious just in a sandwich.

Ciccioli frolli a typical Emilia Romagna specialty from the Italian region where pig breeding has always been widespread and deeply rooted in culture and history. It's delicious food, born as a food for the poor and now considered a delicacy. Obtained from the fusion of pig fat and filtering lard, ciccioli are suitable both as an appetizer or as a snack.

Spalla cotta: A typical kind of cooked ham made with hog's meat (the back) Delicious and with high nutritional characteristics.

Strolghino di Culatello is a small salami obtained by the lean trimmings of the Culatello. It is distinguished by fine grained meat and it is tasted at its best young and in thick slices.