The Parmesan-style kebab has arrived. "The idea of the sandwich was born to contrast the original kebab", says Walter Brindani, inventor of the sandwich and founder of “La Clinica del...Read more
The cuisine of "recovering food leftovers” Stuffed pasta originated as food for wealthy people. The first type of which we have certain information is the raviolo, it appeared for the...Read more
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Artesauro is obviously in via Nazario Sauro. It’s a temporary shop, which opens from time to time. A market of antiques and crafts, where, among the various proposals, you can...Read more
Both belong to the family of ravioli, but not really made of the same pasta. Being from the south, being sicula, is not easy especially when you have to leave...Read more
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Appare alquanto strano pensare che un prodotto proprio della terra come il tartufo - fungo ipogeo appartenente alla famiglia delle Tuberaceae - cresca laddove una volta era presente un vasto...Read more
Appare alquanto strano pensare che un prodotto proprio della terra come il tartufo - fungo ipogeo appartenente alla famiglia delle Tuberaceae - cresca laddove una volta era presente un vasto...Read more
There is a corner between the hills of Parma where time stops and the stars illuminate an evening that will seduce the coldest hearts. Go up the road that leads...Read more
In 1711, in Felino, was officially born the king of salami, destined to become an Italian excellence. For the complete story, it was discussed here: . A centuries-long history...Read more
Isn't Gnocco Fritto, nor Crescentina, nor Pinzino, and much less Chisulén. For the Parmesans it’s Fried cake. Several times, we have already talked about it. Now we only remember that...Read more
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“Non esiste un documento storico che dica quando è nata la maschera”. Inizia così, il racconto di Dsèvod (al secolo Maurizio Trapelli), che mi accoglie nei locali della Famija Pramzana,...Read more
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