"Voilà, je suis un Marquis d'un pays des saucissons" (Voilà, I am a Marquis of a country of salami). Francois Guillaume Leon Du Tillot uttered this phrase in 1711, at...Read more
Your diet starts in 37 hours. Synonymous with famous delicacies and culinary legends — Parma ham, Parmesan cheese, Lambrusco wine, the Barilla pasta company, the Alma cooking school — this...Read more
Set on rolling hills adorned with vineyards, the Torrechiara castle is one of the best preserved in Emilia Romagna and perhaps in Italy. It is a national monument protected by...Read more
Je reçois régulièrement, comme beaucoup d’entre vous j’imagine, les offres de différents sites de vins – sites espagnols, dans mon cas. Régulièrement nous avons droit à la liste des «Top...Read more
The sweet scent of a tomato passata mixed together with fresh basil; the oil combined, layer by layer, with the melted cheese and eggplants reach the palate in a harmonious...Read more
"Your name is Joao, you are a twehnty years old Brazilian dancer. You speak four languages ​​and you are intimately tied to a lot, too many people of the Bagatti...Read more
Dalla ricerca di ristoranti, alla vendita di prodotti locali, passando per le etichette intelligenti. Il mercato del food-tech sembra aprire scenari che vanno ben oltre il solo segmento della consegna...Read more
In the gastronomic landscape the city of Parma expresses a strong connection with the land. Air quality, the geological nature of this place, the traditional processing techniques from which the...Read more
A journey through two regions separated by a river but united by the flavors and taste: a culinary and cultural bridge between Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. This is the story...Read more
An impressive collection of breads. This is the legacy of Marisa Zanzucchi Castelli (Parma1921-Varano Melegari 2011): the result of passion and dedication that are intertwined with her life as a...Read more
Scented mythologies. Which, like all mythology not "out of nothing," as he wrote Roland Barthes in Miti d'oggi. They exaggerate, distort, magnify, although they had always given a real start...Read more
Ma perché pria del tempo a sé il mortale Inviderà l’illusïon che spento Pur lo sofferma al limitar di Dite? From the poet Ugo Foscolo to the table, the cult...Read more
If we accept the premise that the man step by step, once taken the path ("... caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar ..." said Antonio Machado), continued...Read more
Oil in exchange of cheese. Here is how one of the world's most popular seasonings was created. A perfect combination of ingredients PDO and PGI that for centuries delight and cheers the Italian tables and more.Read more
Parma "the mauve". Since 1800 the violet is the official flower of this beautiful ducal town. Loved by Maria Luigia, now it is celebrated during an annual festival.Read more
"My only wish is to spend my life here in the greatest tranquility. ... I have in the hands how to make happy 400,000 souls, protect the sciences and the arts. "Marie Louise succeeded.Read more
The rite of unleavened bread: Piadina, Tortillas, Maza, Bergherir: every culture has its own dough without yeast, often consumed at specific symbolic times.Read more
Cos’è il “cibo dell'anima”? Una definizione ispirata dalla musica dell'anima: espressione prima usata dai musicisti jazz nel 1950 , con influenze blues e gospel, e poi per descrivere uno stile...Read more