Chef Marco Parizzi: a life for cooking

by Lorenzo Bonuomo

"My cooking has changed with me, I have learned the fundamentals of classic cooking, I have researched the most innovative techniques, I worked on raw materials finding the best suppliers, I lightened it and then rediscover the sense of taste, complicated to simplify it, dressed to then undress her. Because the kitchen is like this: it enters you, consumes you, exalts you; nothing in the world gives me a sense of greatness and omnipotence as a well-made service ", said Marco Parizzi.

A Michelin star conquered in 1980, a score of 15/20 on the guide of "L'espresso" and one of 83/100 on the "Gambero Rosso" guide. These are the numbers of the Parizzi Restaurant kitchen, a name that boasts a tradition of over 80 years of passion and total dedication to the culinary arts and restaurants. The Parizzi restaurant is located in the heart of the food valley, in the historic center of Parma.

Chef Marco Parizzi, together with his wife Cristina, has been taken proudly and enthusiastically the family business since 2005. But Marco's passion for cooking has born since the 1990 when, with his sister Daniela, begins to help their parents Ugo and Graziella.

When Marco was 19 years old he has no doubts: his path will be cooking, his future will be catering. The same choice of life that had been made by his father Ugo and his grandfather Pietro. In 1999 Ugo, around of 40 years of renowned career decides to pass the baton to his son Marco, who, after spending a period of study and training with the chef Patrik Massera, begins with great enthusiasm to put into practice the tricks of the trade.

In 2001 the meeting with Cristina, a passionate sommelier, took place and became his wife. The contribution of Cristina assumes an extraordinary importance especially as regards the cellar, which becomes a flagship of the local, with 1200 labels written on natural parchment for 10,000 wines. Cristina Parizzi's service has been awarded 4 forks by the Michelin guide in 2009.

Today the Parizzi Restaurant represents an innovative, young environment, dubbed by some journalists as "the tavern of the future: an all-round restaurant, where you can drink food, meet people, stay with friends". A symbol of Emilian excellence in the field of catering. Currently Parizzi is not only the name of a starred restaurant and a great chef, but it is also the name of the "Parizzi Suites & Studio” Hotel. There’s more: chef Parizzi has recently started a complementary activity, that is a cooking school for a few participants, who with a few lessons can learn the basics of high class cuisine in Emilia.

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