Dear artisan friend

Discovering unique creations between passion and feminine creativity

by Federica Mastromonaco

Artesauro is obviously in via Nazario Sauro. It’s a temporary shop, which opens from time to time. A market of antiques and crafts, where, among the various proposals, you can find the objects, the creations of Roberta, Giulia, Isabella and Federica: four talented and creative friends from Parma.

Roberta Gherardi is an illustrator and writer of children’s books. In the past she has made exhibitions of painting and sculpture and has long been an artist mus-e, which means that she goes to schools and helps children, especially from other countries, to better integrate into society through art.

For three years she has created her own 'artfully T-Shirt' line: carefully chosen cotton t-shirts, whose prints derive from her experience as a designer and painter.

The goal was to create fashionable t-shirts, at the same time inserting artistic details: and here you can notice, for example, angel wings with feathers so well made, to look relief.
Roberta knows Giulia, Isabella and Federica from high school, then growing up each one has taken their own path and for a long time they lost sight of each other. Recently, they had the opportunity to meet again thanks to these activities. The very kind Giulia Montanari graduated in Architecture, worked for some time, then lived in Elba Island and had a little girl.

Once back in Parma, she started knitting and today she is a knit designer: she makes hats and presents us her 'Rainbow Hat' collection.

The peculiarity of each of his creations lies in the mix of wools and especially colors: the shades are inspired by the urban polychromy, that is to say the hues of the Parma villages. Anyone, simply by sending you a photo, can get a unique product, characterized by the colors of their favorite corner of the city.

The passion for hats has always guided the sparkling Isabella Lannutti, formerly a lawyer, then full-time mother of three children. Today it has its own brand 'Lilly hats', which also includes bags. It all began because of the charm exerted on her by the creations that she saw as a child, every time she accompanied her grandmother to the milliner. Years later, as she herself says, it was by chance that she began to make handmade hats and bags. His password is 'uniqueness': “I want to say that, even if they ask me, I never create equal pieces.

The colour may be the same, but there is always something different: the silk of the inner lining, the chain if it is a bag. This is because if a person chooses to look for a particular thing and that distinguishes it it is right that only she has it.”
If for Isabella it is now almost to all effects of a profession, this is what is hoped by the spirited Federica Monici regarding her passion: the realization of handcrafted jewelry, gathered in its line 'Ida Y vuelta'.

After having attended a design institute with specialization in Jewel Design, as he tells us: “I have done something completely different in life, but now and then I come back”. For a couple of years she has been working with renewed enthusiasm on her creations (in brass, semi-precious stones, crystals and enamels), which are also for her an excellent antistress”.

At the moment he is attending a goldsmith’s course with a master craftsman in Lucca, so as to learn new techniques and be able to constantly renew its products.
Ingenuity, imagination and passion become the basic ingredients of four different recipes... as unique and original as their creators.


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