A divine love

by Sara Lasagni


There is a corner between the hills of Parma where time stops and the stars illuminate an evening that will seduce the coldest hearts.

Go up the road that leads to "Monte delle Vigne" is a journey that fills the eyes of the colors of summer and the heart of the scents of the countryside: green and yellow prevail on the sides of the hills, the smell of wheat and hay cut back to distant times and places, the storming of the wind among the fronds of the vineyards takes away the tension of the last hours of work. On the skin you begin to feel that sweet breeze that, for those accustomed to the scorching humidity of the plain, maybe had forgotten.

On arrival, our couple, who could be you, got lost in admiring an almost endless expanse of vineyards, shining in the last lights of the sun. To the west the red grapes, to the east the white ones.

Who knows the amazed eyes of her, while, with a smile barely mentioned, she took his arm to be accompanied along the cobblestone.
On the right of this estate, the underground cellar, studied because the on-site vinification uses the pressure of gravity of the soil and does not stress the grapes too much. Its structure, even though it looks impressive, does not affect the beauty of the landscape, but, with a slight shudder, makes room with pride on the top of the hill.

To the left, however, is ready to welcome them a Provencal house, with exposed brick, panoramic windows and an outdoor expanse from which you can continue to admire the hilly landscape and its colors or oversee the city and its night lights.

Here, accompanied by romantic melodies, the two begin to sip a glass of Malvasia him and Sauvignon her. Who knows what words accompanied these moments, who knows the secrets, the stories they told themselves. I wonder if in their love bubble they noticed people coming to sit in the tables next to them.

With the chatter comes also a bit of hunger and so they order a dish of raw fish and a pizza double mozzarella, all to be divided by two, ça va sans dire. The glasses are replaced by a bottle of Sauvignon and the evening is served.
The breeze, the music, the curtain of lights framing the picture only make the evening even more romantic. The chatter turns into smiles, laughter, looks...and from the tension of the day, a carefree and happy couple comes out.

This is what the "Monte delle Vigne" wine cellar offers when it opens its doors to those who want to taste the wines of its vineyards and grapes. Many varieties propose and high quality product, reasoned, studied and loved before being made available to the customer. 60 hectares of vineyard offering special evenings and an excellent drink to accompany them.


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