The House of Fog

by Staff


In autumn and winter, the fog is the atmospheric agent that characterizes the Bassa Parma. A climatic element that is identified with the territory that extends along the banks of the Po and which San Secondo dedicates an exhibition. Side event at November porc organized by the City of San Secondo in collaboration with Strada del culatello and Associazione Culturale Everelina.

Casa nebbia 2019 is the title of the exhibition and the sensorial experience that will be open until 8 December in the Sala delle Scuderie della Rocca dei Rossi in San Secondo. The  exhibition show the images of the fog captured by professional photographers and amateurs and between the stand of local products (such as spalla cotta and fortanina) that characterize the territory of San Secondo.

A characteristic element, however, is the sensorial part, aimed at stimulating the emotions of the public through olfactory, auditory and tactile experiences as well as visual.

In this way the public will become protagonist of the exhibition leaving an indelible trace of its passage and enriching the exhibition.

This idea is innovative with immediate impact on the public. “Casa Nebbia” borns in 2018, and it wants to be something more than a temporary exhibition.

Enriched with content throughout the year, has become a true cultural container.

In September hosted in the Rocca dei Rossi the summer school “Scuola Nebbia”: 15 days in which the students of any age have been able to engage in a series of workshops that have ranged from creative writing, music, graphics, theatre. Now that are told by the book “Casa Nebbia” – published by Alter Erebus – which will be presented on the occasion of the opening ceremony of Casa Nebbia.

The exhibition will be open every Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Free entrance.

To book the guided tours send an e-mail at

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