Parmigiano Reggiano ice cream, thanks!

By Simona Pellegrini

The ice cream exceeds the borderline between sweet and savory, goes out from the cone and goes back in the dish.

Tired of the usual tastes? Well, because we have several proposals which you will be taken aback! Attention please, we are not speaking of common ice-cream parlours, the battle fought to blows of Michelin stars on the menu presented by the greatest Italian chef in the world.

And then: Parmigiano Reggiano ice cream with almonds and bergamot; or for loyal to the cocktails on the Saturday evening, yogurt ice cream parmesan and bull shot.

We are there because they do not delight with the proposal of the starry chef Luca Marchini, which flanks the king of cheeses, in addition to the onion, the king of hams, the raw ham Parma?

The ice cream thus overcomes the placement of street food and back on the table, indeed on the best tables.

Ferran Adriá, great cook Spanish at "Bulli", in 2004 inserted in the list of the hundred most influential men in the world, invents in '97 to "corte helado de parmesano ", a wafer ice cream with Parmesan cheese, which was very successful and from the start to the most various experiments at the basis of Parmesan cheese.

In fact, this wonderful product has a large organoleptic quality, and its ability is maintain its intense taste also in version frost, despite the preparation to attenuate its fragrance.

Yet these "gastronomic vanguarde" are less revolutionary than you think.

In the end of the 1950 Matteo Napoli created in Salerno the "Gelateria Matteo" in which produces more than 120 flavors of ice cream, from the traditional to the "impossible", such as pasta and beans or salt cod. Or the "Fruttini ripieni": from the classic strawberry until you get to the fennel or radish to ice cream flavor, they were requested by all Europe.

About our good ice cream to the Parmesan cheese, if we want to protect the wallet from the most expensive restaurants, we could use an old and efficient recipe, created in the 1967. Anna Gosetti della Salda, star of the culinary books in the 1900, guides us in a few simple steps in the preparation of the "Ice Cream Reggiano Cheese", showing us that the modern cooking is a reference to solid foundations and products of our Italian cooking.

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