The secret? Create with heart!

The spalla cotta of San Secondo “win” into tortelli of Valentina

By Eleonora Andena

The tortelli, it is known, they are one of the best dishes in Parma and the Bassa Parmense but for Valentina, a young blogger in Codogno with the passion for cooking, they are much more. 


“In the first time I tasted tortelli with spalla cotta of San Secondo at the restaurant called “La Cantina Golosa” (San Secondo Parmense). There I had them “felt to beat” strongly that my passion for cooking, from that day It was transformed in much more” – explains Valentina, employed in recruitment office for an entreprise and creator of the blog “Creare con il cuore” in which she publics the recipes and photos of her culinary creations.

“I was ten years old when the passion for cooking was exploded inside me: I remember I was in my house and I looked  my grandmother made fresh pasta and I didn’t succeed intearing off my eyes from her. From that day I have decided that I would like to study for become Chef and if I had not a opportunity to do that, the cooking will be my path”. The working life of Valentina has been different than her dream but her passion for cooking and her ability for cooking give her the nickname of “Cannavacciuola” (in honor of Antonio Cannavacciuolo, her favourite Chef). Her passion was secret for all people untill the meet with tortelli of San Secondo Parmense.

From that day, thanks to the suggestions of the Chef of the “La Cantina golosa” restaurant, Valentina starts to think that her dream of child never will stay hidden. In that moment was born her blog “Creare con il cuore”. 

Everything to discover, observed, tasted with eyes.

“Today, for this interview I have cooked a revival of tortelli with spalla cotta of San Secondo and tartufo, an ingredient that I love a lot”, explains Valentina, “this is a photo by back scene because the preparation is the part that requires, in my opinion, more care and love”.

The spalla cotta is made from the anterior shoulder of the pork, the shoulder blade, that after having been boned, it is made to rest with the aromas for 15 days. After, the shoulder is tied to confer it the aspect like a big sphere, and finally it is aging for 25/30 days. The last step of making the spalla cotta of San Secondo is cooking at low temperature (around 75° C) for many hours inside water, red wine by “Fortanina” and vegetables. The result is traditional meat of Parma, and it is soft, perfumed and not fat that It can be tasted warm or cold . For someone it has been so magic to be extrapolated a dream and make it in my life. The secret? The heart of tortelli and cooking with heart for Valentina!

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