Making curated meats for the Spigaroli family has always been a prerogative. To do them as in the past, respecting the tradition, is a moral obligation of the family-run business company. The Spigaroli’s meats can be considered unique. Tasting them, you immediately understand where they come from and who made them.

  • 1920

    In 1920 the Spigaroli Family originally from Polesine has always been devoted to agriculture. They owned the ferry carrying passengers and goods from one bank of the river Po where they created a special place the where people who were waiting for the ferries could escape the heat of the summer.

  • 1920s

    It was an immediate success and people came to the two barracks known as "Lido” even they had no need to take the ferry.

  • 1940-45

    The war took the family Spigaroli the Lido on the Cremona’s bank but not the one on the parmesan side that continued succesfully working.

  • 1951

    The Po river flood of 1951 wiped out everything. The strength of Spigaroli Family led them to not give up and rebuild all serving on Sunday tortelli with greens, fish, homemade cakes and ice cream.

  • 1960

    Piren the Dad, Mom and Aunt Emilia Enrica decided to leave the masonry foundations equipping a real restaurant with accommodation, the current "Al Cavallino Bianco" ushering in 1961.

  • New generation

    The parents urged their children: Massimo in the run of the kitchen and at the same time managing the family’s farm, where the Spigaroli breed native pigs, cattle and poultry and grow vegetables and fruit. Massimo also personally overseed the production of the Marquis Pallavicino (Terre Verdi) traditional curated meats.

  • Restaurant

    His brother Luciano and his wife Antonietta and daughter Benedetta dealt with the reception in the hall of guests and organizing catering services.

  • Today

    The brothers started running the fifteenth century Antica Corte Pallavicina Relais producing fine meats but also some years later creating some enchanting rooms where to spend the night breathing in the scents of the Po river and taste within the starred restaurant delicacies that Chef along with his team propose.

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