Culatello DOP Spigaroli 2 Kg

200,00 €
Shipping rates: 10 EUR in Italy, 30 EUR abroad.

Culatello, this magic salami with a delicate flavour, soft and sweet, ruby-colored, transparent in every slice, has the body tenderness of a unique and regal product. The Culatello is an heritage, a richness, of that particular land shrouded in mist, lying along the right bank of the river Po.

The Culatello is a high charcuterie salumi obtained from the upper part of the pig’s thigh . During the salting mix process are used only: salt, whole and pieces of peppercorns, a bit of garlic and white and dry wine.

The binding pattern guide or the fresh product must be tightened and serves to prevent that air pockets remain inside. With the progress of aging, due to the fall of weight that undergoes the meat, the pattern guide looks more and more loose. At the end of the minimum ripening period the Culatello must have a weight of between 3 and 5 kg.

Price based on a weight of 2 kg (half Culatello) in rope.

Buy two halves (two 2-Kg items) and get a 10% discount on the second one.