Lard from Old Races 300gr

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Lard is one of the foods that saved from malnutrition a lot of old generations of our farmers. It was in fact employed as well as for the sliced ​​consumption on bread or better on toasted polenta ("studida"), but also as ingredient, suitably chopped with the tip of the knife, for the preparation of an infinity of dishes from soups to vegetables, from meat to eggs.

A special feature of this lard is the use in the salting process of an ancient tanning herbal and juniper berries that Marchesi di Polesine used to collect in their other feud Costamezzana, located in the hilly area between Tabiano and Noceto.

It differs from other flavored lard for dry salting of the plank instead of soaking in marble basins or stone, but reaches its exceptional flavor thanks to the use of fat old pig breeds, characterized by a remarkable thickness and pink layers lean that intersperse them, races that the Antica Corte Pallavicina of Spigaroli brothers selects and breeds.

An "old" lard well, now more than ever worthy to resume his place in gastronomy and on the tables of those who believe to be a gourmet.

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