Family owned, special care for the quality, creativity and simplicity of Italian traditional food are the "share/human capital" of Zarotti. This parmesan company, but with the heart made in Cilento, based on the precept that fish is a good food, simple and with a symbolic value in all cultures of the world, this has reflected, over the years, in products all-natural without preservatives or additives and packaged in glass or tin, 100% recyclable materials.

The combination antithetical craftsmanship and technology has always lead the production of Zarotti that thoroughly check the quality of its products at every stage of production, from fishing to marketing, to offer consumers foods that meet the high standards for more than 50 years characterized the company.

In fact it is one of the classic brands of canned fish and is the only company to have two production plants of the sea and who has maintained a continuity with the ancient tradition of craftsmanship in the entire "production chain".

 The lines Nocchiero, Calarossa and Sipa are part of the Zarotti's family  .

  • March 1952

    Born Zarotti in Parma.

  • Sixties

    Canned vegetables and seafood Zarotti are protagonists in all the windows of the best delicatessens of Italy.

  • The eighties

    The country begins to discover the healthy qualities of fresh fish and the lure appetizing of that "canned".

  • March 1983

    The family Scermino San Marco Castellabate (SA) buys Zarotti.

  • Year 1996

    Inauguration of the plant in Albania.

  • Year 2003

    I prodotti Zarotti, già certificati Friend of the Sea per la pesca nel Mediterraneo, ottengono anche la certificazione per la pesca nell''Oceano Atlantico Nord-Est, in linea con il principio di sfruttamento precauzionale sostenibile.

  • June 2014

    Was opened the first plant in Morocco in Agadir, main location and strategic in the world for the production of canned fish. This ensured a Zarotti a check on the stages of fishing, which until then had been carried out by companies on site, in partnership and controlled qualitatively by parmesan plant.
    Even the plant in Agadir (such as those in Italy and Albania) boasts the IFS (international Food Standard), maximum certificate that the standards of food production recognized by all the major Italian and international distribution.

  • July 2015

    Zarotti launches a contest, Alice in Italy in Wonderland , to spread the culture of anchovy.

  • November 2015

    Giovanni Palmieri, Managing Director of Zarotti, received the title of Cavaliere della Repubblica.

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