About us

Madeinparma.com is
the first storytelling-based
e-commerce site in Italy.

The project MadeinParma.com was born, has developed and will continue growing in connection with the "Web Communication and Social Media" Master organized by the University of Parma. Furthermore MadeinParma.com collaborates with the "Culture, Organization&Enogastronomy Territorial Marketing (COMET)" Master with which a partnership has been activated for the production of content.

MadeinParma.com tells stories, places, characters and products of a territory (Parma and its surroundings), known worldwide as the "Italian Food Valley". An area extraordinarily rich in agricultural food production and culinary valuable. The Food Valley is the perfect location to find food architecture and monuments and to enjoy the good way of life cause is the perfect result of a unique natural environment (which stretches from the Apennines to the Po River), and a millennial cultural history, based on a knowledge and craftsmanship respectful of traditions but always in step of the times, in the constant defense of quality.

MadeinParma.com is the voice of regional food & wine. We offer a real chance to receive all our best products at home, as well as to come and taste it with family members, friends, or directly with us. MadeinParma.com is in fact a store with two windows: the first one is represented by an e-commerce site, and the second one by a touristic incoming platform. Characterized in gastronomic and cultural sense MadeinParma.com also signals the best local craft productions, news and events characterizing the territory.

MadeinParma.com is an intellectual and commercial property company supported by the best companies in the area and realized by the best teachers and students of the two aforementioned masters. MadeinParma.com also collaborates with the course of Journalism of the University of Parma, and it is supported by a group graphics, cross-media journalists, and experts of recognized value.

The MadeinParma.com mission is to accompany good food lovers of good and gourmets at the entrance of the store. We want to entice them to come in, but not to influence their purchasing decisions.

According to us your appetite will come reading, hearing and seeing our "good stories".

MadeinParma.com... the first and the best storytelling&storyselling!