Taste & Knowledge

Recipes in progress
by Alberto Salarelli
The Municipality of Langhirano, with the editing of Gabriele Rozzi, has recently published a book of recipes drawn from the cooking notebooks of Emma Agnetti Bizzi, an important langhiranese society’s figurehead of the of the early decades of the twentieth century for her initiatives in the field of assistance (she was president of the Female Mutual Aid Society and promoter of the nursery and shelter for the elderly) and culture (the founder of...Read more
A different view
by Manuela Soressi
Tokyo, May 2015, working dinner at the 42nd floor of a skyscraper in Shiodome. When the Japanese colleague sitting to my right turns out that i am coming from Parma by politely silent becomes more politely talkative. It speaks to me of an excellent food product that has discovered when he came here a few years ago and that with his words it becomes almost the subject of a Miyazaki’s film. He tells me that, were it not for the “raw material” that...Read more
Landscapes and tastings
by Guido Conti
Giuseppe Pontiggia (1934-2004) è uno dei maggiori scrittori italiani del secondo dopoguerra. La sua scrittura è caratterizzata dalla tensione per la brevitas . Ne nascono racconti fulminanti, intelligenti, originati spesso da occasioni del vivere quotidiano, che hanno fatto di Pontiggia un maestro del genere a livello internazionale. La brevitas plasma anche il suo lavoro di lettore e critico acuto e profondo: in testi prima pubblicati sui...Read more
Good to know
by Davide Bernieri
Non riesco a dormire. Eppure ero stanchissimo, ma non posso prendere sonno. Continuano a risuonarmi nella testa quei colpi rassicuranti, quei suoni così pieni, musicali, i gesti rapidi dei battitori che fanno ruotare le forme.“Tac, tac, tac, tac”. “Va bene”. “Tac, tac, tac, tac”. “Perfetto”. L’uno per cento, solo l’uno per cento di seconda, sono stato davvero bravo quest’anno e tutti a farmi i complimenti. Abbiamo brindato col vino rosso e tutti...Read more
Unusual meats
by Giovanni Ballarini
In a distant past in Parma there were many animals, many of which were also eaten, according to different rules, and which today are not only prohibited by the laws, but above all from a different social feeling. Sometimes, just talking about it, cause emotional reactions in those who do not know the customs and traditions of a past unknown to the majority. Meat of urban animals that now are forbidden, once might or might not be eaten, according...Read more
A different view
by Manuela Soressi
The golden and sour Via Emilia goes to London. Will she be the new queen of beers?Read more