Torta Fritta and Panzerotti: two twins

by Pasquale Ancona


I am Italian from Martina Franca and I came to Parma for study journalism at the University. The first thing I did in Parma was to search a place where I would fill my homesickness.

I had had my first surprise in one of the best restaurants in Parma.

I read in the menù, between the starter, a dish called "Torta fritta."

“Excuse me”, I asked the waiter: “The torta fritta is not a dessert, it is a starter!”, “Me too – a boy answered and than I discovered he was native from my same place – in the first time I felt the same surprise”.

I Immediatiately discovered that It was a starter. The Torta fritta is a fried pasta with slices raw ham on top. Finally you can wait the taste bud bend over backwards.

Actually, when the dish arrived, my heart bend over backwards. What did I seen in front of me? An empty panzerotto (Panzerotto is like a closed pizza and it’s smaller than pizza).

The infallible idea of my grandmother is saved a piece of fried pasta without stuff inside, in which you can put a slice of raw ham and you can eat it if the tenth panzerotto had not filled all  space.

I felt at home, but with a exciting news that was the raw ham.

The panzerotto represents the first thought to be associated with the word “home”. That represents the biggest lack for an exchange student. I found it there, with little difference but however known, mades the cold winter more pleasant.

Now, I describe it as a magic, after ate more than ten torte fritte with double slices of ham.

This magic that only Parma could give me, and it convinces me that I am sure I made a good choice about the university.

Enjoy your meal!

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