November Porc: the pork on the table in the Bassa Parmense

His majesty the pork in one of the most delightful culinary event in Italy

by Andrea Adorni

“Everything started in September 2002, when we returned from a trip from Germany and we decided to wager on an event far out of the classical food events ”

With this phrase the organizers of the November Porc reveal the origins of this event now a symbol of the Bassa Parmense, which are to be searched on foreign land - on German soil, precisely - after a visit to the October Fest in the early 2000s. Here we decided to follow the suggestions of Massimo Spigaroli - a star-chef, expert in Norcineria and traditions of the Bassa and owner of the Old Pallavicino Court - who in those years proposed to value “la Bassa” by pointing to what had always been a trademark: salami and fog. In fact to the famous meteorological phenomenon that wraps up, in the fall and winter, the Po Valley is dedicated the slogan of the show: "Let's hope there is the fog." Because the fog is a key component for the good success of the meats that in the Bassa Parmense find their origin and maximum expression. Zibello Culatello could not have the same scent and aroma without the particular wet microclimate that enters the cellars with the arrival of a daunting autumn fog. That is why the fog could only be the absolute protagonist of this great event that celebrates its Majesty the pork in all forms and culinary delights.

From this year - to further seal an indissoluble link between territory and climatic conditions - has been also set up the Museum of Fog: a sensory exposure organized in various thematic paths during the four weekend of November. The exhibition will be housed in the halls of the former Scuderie of the San Secondo’s Rock. The project was born from an idea of the food blogger Carlo Mantovani, who first promoted him to Mantua and will now replicate it at San Secondo, where visitors will discover features and curiosities on the fog: the craft of the nun and other related works to the countryside.

The first edition of the November Porc had as protagonists Sissa and Zibello. From the second, the following year, Polesine Parmense was also involved. In 2004 Roccabianca became part of the team.

The quartet is complete and since then, in November, the event has become a must for the Bassa Parmense, attracting hundreds of tourists and visitors at a time of year that would otherwise be unattractive.

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