Parma anchovies and sicilian recipe, winning crossover

The capital of the food valley also excels in the production of fish, but for recipes you go to school in Sicily

by Sofia D’Arrigo


What to do if you find yourself in the Po Valley and feel a sudden desire for fish? The solution is not sushi, but once again tradition and good Italian cuisine.
Parma, capital of the food valley in northern Italy, which boasts records on gastronomic records, also competes in the canned fish supply chain.

Other than sardines -Yes, a good dish based on quality anchovies can also be found in Emilia, where stands out the historic company Rizzoli Emanuelli, masters of fish preserves.

The Anchovies in spicy Rizzoli sauce in the iconic golden tin are the symbol of the company in vogue since 1906. The tradition has been handed down for generations in the Rizzoli house, in which only the firstborn knows the secret recipe: the doses and times of cooking the sauce, once prepared is put to mature for six months in numbered wooden barrels that previously contained Marsala.
How is it possible that companies in the maritime sector are based in Emilia? It is the mission of another local leading company whose unequivocal motto is #Quellidellealici: Zarotti s.p.a is today one of the most prestigious brands in the production chain of anchovies. "Parma, the strategic center where the most important Italian companies operating in the food sector are located, is the natural location of the modern headquarters of Zarotti Spa - so they are presented - The logistics headquarters of the company is located on a total area of 2,500 square meters divided between executive, commercial and marketing".

To aim at the quality of craftsmanship you can not do without, in short, modernization. For this reason, the company has its headquarters where you can ensure a correct and fast order management with the best software available.

The sicilian recipe - If the companies are based in Emilia, the origin of anchovies can only be Mediterranean. For this reason, to taste the best anchovies means to resort to typical recipes maybe of the Sicilian tradition: like pasta with anchovies and wild fennel. It is not unusual to find the latter in uncultivated fields or along paths or walls, as a spontaneous plant. However you can also easily find it at the supermarket. The pairing is completed with an excellent spaghetti, while the dish is prepared by adding cherry tomatoes, anchovies, raisins and pine nuts to fennel, previously sauteed with extra virgin olive oil and a clove of garlic. Finally garnish with toasted breadcrumbs.

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